Monthly Archives February 2011

Creating an enriching environment for your pet!

We try so hard to keep our pets happy and healthy. We feed them the best foods, provide them with the space and environments they need, give them love and attention, and even bring them to the best veterinarians! There’s one other impotant area –¬†environmental enrichment – that we sometimes overlook in our pets’ lives. (more…)

Veterinary technician becomes alumni guest speaker

At the Veterinary Center, we continually strive to educate both the public and our veterinary colleagues about bird and exotic animal care. In this vein, our wonderful, compassionate technician, Melissa Ortiz, traveled this week to her alma mater, La Guardia Community College, in New York City to deliver a lecture on radiology to students in the veterinary technology program. They enjoyed her lecture so much that they invited her to return as a regular guest lecturer. We are so proud of her and are thrilled that she represents the Center so well. Way to go Mo!

Trimming flight feathers, don’t just wing it!

To trim flight feathers or not to trim them? This is a very controversial question. Birds in the wild need to find food, shelter, nest sites, and mates. A captive bird does not need to do such things. Birds in the wild also fly to get exercise. Flapping the wings strengthen the muscles, as well. In our homes, however, birds are able to engage in forms of exercise other than flying. (more…)