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Does my ferret really need a dental cleaning?

Did you know that ferrets can get dental disease just like your cat, your dog, or you?
We humans don’t always go to see our dentist twice a year, as we should, but when we get a cavity, we get there.
Because it is very uncomfortable; it hurts to chew, and sometimes, it even hurts to sleep.
We often don’t know when our little fuzzy friends are uncomfortable. Unfortunately, sometimes we only find out when they are in great pain.
There is a very simple solution: come in to the Veterinary Center for a check-up!
Dr. Hess and Dr. Ravich can see what we ferret parents can’t. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I don’t get up close and personal with the back of my ferrets mouth. It’s tiny in there! Besides, I was not trained to know what to look for.
Did you also know that along with “bad teeth” can come some potentially deadly diseases, such as infection of heart valves from bacteria that travel from the mouth to the bloodstream? Did you also know that these horrible diseases can be prevented by keeping your ferrets teeth and gums clean?
While brushing your ferret’s teeth regularly can certainly help decrease tooth and gum disease, even the best brushed mouths (animal or human) need professional cleaning periodically.
So, don’t wait until your ferret’s mouth is painful and he or she is not eating (or worse, develops some more even serious condition from infected teeth or gums)!
Call the Veterinary Center today to schedule a dental exam for your ferret!
Depending upon the state of your ferret’s mouth, our veterinarians will set out a course of treatment for him or her and will review with you a full written estimate for the procedure.
We can set up appointment for the dental cleaning when it is convenient for you.
You can drop your pet off before work and pick him or her up after work, that same day. Then it’s back to running, playing, and “dooking” it out with him or her again at home.
It’s just one day to a happier mouth and hopefully a longer, healthier life.