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So, you’re thinking about getting a ferret… by Serena Fiorella, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Are you thinking about getting a ferret? Ferrets, I think, are the best pets in the world. Why, you ask? They are one of the most fun, interactive, affectionate and cuddly pet, but only if they are properly trained and cared for. In my 22 years of being a ferret owner, I have come to realize that having a ferret is basically like having a 2-year-old human child running around your house. Yes, they are
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A day in the life of the Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics

Ever wonder what goes on in an exotic animal hospital? If you are lucky enough to have a generally healthy pet that needs to come in only once a year for a check-up, plus perhaps a grooming appointment or two in between, you probably haven’t had the occasion to see what goes on at the Veterinary Center when it gets really busy, especially with emergencies, which is actually more often than not. So whether you’re
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