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The Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics is so proud of our press features and we are pleased to share some of our favorites. We invite you to check out the variety of publications. Check out some of our more prominent news features, including our appearances on ABC News The Pet Show with Dr. Katy and our article in Bird Talk magazine. If you have any questions about our press appearances or articles, please contact us.

Our Press

Westchester’s Dr. Dolittle – WAG, August 2020

A New York veterinarian introduces exotic house pets – FOX 24 Charleston, November 2019

These creepy crawlers make for great pets – Windy City Live, October 2019

The benefits of exotic pets for children on the autism spectrum – The Pet Show with Dr. Katy, October 2019

Midday Fix: Exotic pet vet Dr. Laurie Hess – WGN Midday News Chicago, January 2017

Is a parrot a valuable witness to his owner’s murder? – FOX & Friends National TV, June 2016

Avoid Ailments – Bird Talk, 2015

Annual Parrot Nutrition Breakdown – Bird Channel (Bird-Talk Magazine Online), 2014
Caring for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Pot-Bellied Pigs, and Wallabies –, January 2014
Ask Martha: Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Courier-Post, October 2014
The Pet Show – ABC News (WJLA), February 2014
The Pet Show – ABC News (WJLA), May 2014

Spring Means Yardwork for Hummingbird Watchers – March 2013
Westchester Doctor Treats Exotic Pets – New York Newsday, March 2013

Rising Westchester Professionals to Watch in 2013 – Westchester Magazine (914 INC), October 2012
Guinea Pig Article – Healthy Pet; Summer 2012

Preventing Problems: Fun Ferrets Need Owners Who Keep Them Out of Trouble – Florida Weekly
Best Vets in the County – Westchester Magazine, February 2011
Local Exotic Pet-Vet Reveals All – Bedford-Katonah Patch, January 2011
Oh Rats! Woman Gets Debilitating Spams, but Pet Rat Senses Them – ABC News, June 2011
Bird Certified – Westchester Health & Life, April 2011
Local Vet Goes on Cable – Bedford Record Review, January 2011

Photo Gallery: Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics – Part I – DVM 360 News Magazine, May 2010
Bedford Vet Laurie Hess Answers Questions About Her Exotic Animal Practice – The Journal News, January 2010
Veterinary Center Cares for Exotic Pets – Bedford Record Review, April 2010

Forget Car Insurance, Does it Have Medicare? – New York Times, November 2009

Talk of the Town – In-Town Westchester Magazine, May 2008
Parrot Panic! – In-Town Westchester Magazine, April 2008
Iguana Intervention – Rockland Magazine, April 2008
Giving Special Treatments to All Species: Veterinarian Travels Statewide to Assist in a Variety of Cases – The Journal News, November 2006
Our Guide to Pet Care in the Hudson Valley: “Dr. Do-a-lot_ – Hudson Valley Magazine, July 2006
Are You Up for the Rewards of an Avian Companionship? Adopt a Pre-owned Parrot! – Country Living Magazine, September 2006

Exotic Pets Are Popular, But There’s a Problem: Finding a Hospital for a Sick Animal Can Be Difficult – USA Today, July 2005

Clip Bird? Winging it Won’t Do – New York Daily News, June 2004
Pet ER: Give Me a Scalpel and a Milk-Bone—Stat! – People Magazine, January 2004
Best Vets: Top Dogs in Animal Medical Specialties – New York Magazine, January 2004
There’s a Doctor in the House: Does Your Ferret Need a Physical? – The Journal News (Westchester), June 2004

Featured on Cover – Exotic DVM Magazine, August 2002

Hamsters: The Wheel Deal – New York Post, May 1999

A Day at the Learning Annex (Learning Annex NYC with VCBE – video series) – USTREAM
Brightly Colored & Healthy Treats Your Pet Bird Can’t Resist – Bird Channel (Bird-Talk Magazine Online)
A Profession for the Birds: What It’s Like to Be a Vet for Exotic Pets – AOL (AOL Jobs Online)