Our Veterinary Podcasts

The ZuNation podcast channel is brought to you by ZuPreem, manufacturer of healthy food for pet birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.  If you are listening to this podcast, you have probably experienced the joy of owning a nontraditional or exotic pet. With ZuNation, Dr. Laurie Hess can help you learn more about the care of that special pet in your home.

We hope these podcasts fill you with knowledge and insight into exotic pet nutrition. On this channel, Dr. Hess will answer your questions about your bird or other exotic pets, nutrition, what’s going on in the pet food world, and many other topics containing news you can use! Be sure to listen all the way through the podcasts for giveaway opportunities that may come up during the show. Also, throughout these episodes, make sure to follow the ZuPreem Facebook page, where there will be posts before every show for you to ask questions for Dr. Hess to answer on the show. There, you will also see sneak peeks to episodes you may have missed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact ZuPreem at 1-800-345-4767 or at customercare@zupreem.com.

Listen To Our Podcast: Snake Laying on a Plant

Episode 1

Introduction to ZuNation: Who is Dr. Laurie Hess? What is ZuPreem? This podcast will introduce you to Dr. Hess and give some background on the ZuPreem company.

Episode 2

Q & A time with Dr. Hess: Listen in as Dr. Hess answers questions she is commonly asked about bird nutrition.

Episode 3

Converting birds to healthier food options: Tips and tricks to deal with transitioning birds from all-seed diets to pelleted food and how to handle birds that stubbornly refuse.

Episode 4

Bonding with your bird: why it’s important and how to do it.

Episode 5 Part 1

Why your bird needs to see the veterinarian, how often your bird needs to go, how to choose an avian veterinarian, and what avian veterinarians look for when they examine your bird.

Episode 5 Part 2

How to recognize that your bird is ill or is having an emergency, what services an avian veterinarian should offer, how to find an avian veterinarian in your area, and other important avian veterinary information.

Episode 6

Exercising with your companion bird – Say, WHAT? Why your bird needs exercise and how you can help him get it.

Episode 7

Misconceptions we’ve heard: Comments and stories Dr. Hess has heard about birds and why they’re not true.