The Great Pellet Exhange for Birds

Do you own a bird that eats a lot of seed? Did you know that studies have shown that unless a bird is eating nearly 2/3 of its diet as formulated bird pellets, it’s not likely meeting its nutritional needs, even if its eating fresh fruit and vegetables? Have you tried to convert your bird from a seed diet to a more nutritious pelleted diet but have just ended up frustrated and unsuccessful? Let us help you! At the Veterinary Center, we offer a safe, simple plan to get your bird on to a better diet without your having to stress at all. It’s the GREAT PELLET EXCHANGE ( – a program in which you leave your bird with us for a week, we analyze what he or she is eating now, and eliminate unhealthy foods. We then start him or her on a nutritious pelleted diet within the controlled environment of the hospital, where we can follow how much he or she is eating and monitor his or her weight daily. We take the stress and worry out of improving your pet’s diet and teach you how to maintain him or her on that better diet at home. Plus, if you are going away this summer and plan to board your bird with us while you’re away in our boarding room custom-designed for your bird’s comfort and entertainment (, we can transition him or her over to pellets while he or she is vacationing with us. Simple and stress-free! Contact the Veterinary Center today to learn more about the GREAT PELLET EXHCHANGE, and get your bird on a path to a healthier longer life.