Bird & Exotic Pet Boarding in Westchester County, NY

It’s always stressful when you leave town and have to leave your beloved pet behind. Plus, most boarding facilities know very little about the special needs of birds and exotic animals. At the Veterinary Center, we spend a great deal of time giving attention to every exotic pet that boards with us. We board birds, small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas,hedgehogs, and smaller rodents), mini-pigs, reptiles, and amphibians.

Before Your Exotic Pet Boards with Us

There are a few things you should know. First, to try to ensure that all exotic pets staying with us at the Veterinary Center remain healthy, all pets that vacation with us must be examined and tested by our veterinarians within one year prior to their stay. We will also accept documentation of testing from another veterinarian but still ask that our veterinarians do an examination to help determine the health of your pet.

For the well-being of all pets (including yours), all birds (except the smallest species, such as canaries and finches) will be required to have had blood tests within the past year. Smaller species of birds will be required to have a swab test to rule out common infections. All birds, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, mini-pigs, sugar gliders, reptiles, and amphibians must have had a stool examination to screen for parasites within the past year, and all ferrets will have to be current on vaccinations.

Since the results of blood and stool testing can take a few days to get back, please plan your pet’s check-up enough in advance of his/her stay with us to ensure we receive the results in time. Please remember, the best way for us to keep our visitors safe and healthy during their stay is to try to make sure they’re healthy before their stay.

Two Ferrets

Where Exotic Pets Board at Our Facility

We have beautiful new cages in the hospital in which your pet can stay. We understand that some boarding pets would rather stay in their own cages, so as long as your cage fits in our boarding area, we are happy to accommodate it. If you wish to bring your pet’s cage, please be sure to check its size with our receptionist when you make your reservation, before you bring the cage to the Center. Also, since many exotic pets have special preferences for certain types of bedding, food, or toys, we encourage you to bring any specific bedding material, food, and toys you think might make your pet feel more at home.

We ensure that all visiting pets are kept comfortable by cleaning their cages twice a day and by keeping the boarding room at a temperature appropriate for all species present.

We have special heated tanks for our reptile and amphibian guests and supplemental heating and air conditioning for all our mammal and bird visitors, as the season dictates. We also make sure that all our guests receive plenty of sunlight during the day through our large picture windows and that they are all safely tucked in at night behind blackout shades (and an alarmed doors), so that no one outside knows they are there.

Exotic Pets We Board

Birds: Whenever possible, we fit your bird’s cage into our specially designed boarding unit. Each unit has adjustable walls that slide right up to the outside of your bird’s cage to keep your bird separate from his or her neighbors. If your cage is too large, we have a variety of cages of all sizes to house your bird safely and happily.

Small mammals: Small rabbits, rodents, and other small exotic mammals can also be kept in cages brought from home or can be housed in new cages made for rabbits or in our specially designed Plexiglas small mammal “condos.”

Reptiles/amphibians: Since different species of reptiles and amphibians have particular heat and light requirements, it is often better that they stay in their own cages if we can accommodate them; if not, we have special heat-regulated tanks made specifically for these species in which they may stay. Any aquatic reptiles vacationing with us should come with their own small tanks.

What Our Exotic Boarding Guests Eat

While we have many nutritious foods available for purchase to feed your boarding family member, we encourage you to bring in whatever your pet likes to eat, since most exotic pets have specific likes and dislikes and eat much better during their stay if they are offered what they are used to eating.

We have a large refrigerator that will keep produce fresh, and we have plenty of room to store any pelleted or dry food your pet likes to eat. We will even shop for fresh veggies and fruit for a nominal fee.

We weigh all boarders daily to make sure everyone is eating well and will certainly monitor closely and encourage pets reluctant to eat at the Center.

The Logistics of Exotic Pet Boarding

Since we have a limited number of “guest rooms” available to our visiting pets, you’ll need to call ahead to reserve a spot. Holidays and summertime can get busy, so plan accordingly.

Since cages are changed and breakfast is served early every morning, charges for boarding are calculated on a daily basis and run from the day you drop your pet off through and including the day you pick him or her up.

Pets can be dropped off and picked up on Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-5:30pm, Fridays 9:00am-4:30pm, and Saturdays 9:00am-12:30pm. While the Center is not open for business on Sundays, you can rest assured that your pet will be fed, cleaned, and taken care of 7 days a week.

To facilitate your drop off and pick up, we recommend that you call the office to arrange a drop off and pick up time in advance to minimize your wait. You can also make drop off and pick up easier by filling out our downloadable Boarding Care Request Form.

If you must board your pet with us for a prolonged period, we are happy to have you come for a visit. We will even text message you a photo of your pet while you are away. All we ask is that you call ahead to arrange a visiting time in advance so as not to interfere with the treatment of other pets at the Center.

And of course, we understand that being away from your exotic family member can be stressful; so feel free to call us daily during regular business hours if you want to check on him or her while you are away.

Our goal is to make both you and your pet feel comfortable so that you can enjoy your trip away as your pets enjoy theirs.

Directions to the Veterinary Center Exotic Pet Boarding

The Veterinary Center at 709 Bedford Road is conveniently located on the corner of Route 117 and Green Lane in Bedford Hills, NY (map). By car, the Veterinary Center is approximately 20 minutes from White Plains, 45 minutes from Manhattan, 25 minutes from the Tappan Zee Bridge, and 25 minutes from Danbury, CT.

By car:

From points south (Southern Westchester County, the Bronx, and New York City): Take the Saw Mill Parkway North to Exit 38 (Green Lane). Go over the railroad tracks to the light. Make left at the light on to Route 117 (Bedford Road). Entrance is immediately on your left.

From points north (Connecticut, Dutchess and Putnam Counties): Take I-684 South to Exit 5 (Saw Mill Parkway South). Take Saw Mill Parkway South to Exit 39S (Route 117 South/Bedford Hills). Turn right on to Haines Road and after 0.1 miles, make sharp right on to Route 117 (Bedford Road). Continue on Route 117 for 1.1 miles. The Veterinary Center will be on your right.

From Rockland County and New Jersey: Take I-87 over the Tappan Zee Bridge to Exit 8A (Saw Mill Parkway North). Take the Saw Mill Parkway North to Exit 38 (Green Lane). Go over the railroad tracks to the light. Make left at the light on to Route 117 (Bedford Road). Entrance is immediately on your left.

By train:

From Grand Central Station, take Metro-North (Harlem Line) to Bedford Hills Station (approximately 1 hr). The Veterinary Center is a 3-minute taxi cab ride from the station. Taxi cabs are readily available at the station. Trains leave go back and forth between Grand Central and Bedford Hills every hour. Check for details.