Exotic Pet Exams in Westchester County, NY

Have you recently added a new bird or exotic pet to your home? We provide exotic pet exams for a variety of birds and exotic animals. We highly recommend that all new pets be brought in for complete check-ups right away, to ensure that they are healthy. All pets can carry disease without necessarily showing signs of illness, and new pet exams are important not only to determine whether a new exotic pet is healthy, but also to help maintain the health of other pets and people at home who will be exposed to this new bird or exotic pet.

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exotic pet exams in westchester county, ny
exotic pet exams in westchester county, ny
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We Provide Exotic Pet Exams for the Following Exotic Pets

  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets
  • Rodents
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Other exotics

…and more exotic species. Each of these exotic pets has very specific needs when it comes to nutrition, housing, and behavior.

What to Expect at Your Pet Exam

At a new pet examination, our veterinarians and staff perform a complete physical examination on your exotic pet and recommend species-specific blood and stool tests to help ensure your pet’s wellness. If you have a bird, we may recommend blood testing to determine gender. We also teach you about the appropriate food, cage set up, cage bedding, environmental temperature, light, vaccinations, behavior, socialization, and other factors your bird or exotic pet needs to stay healthy.

We educate you about recommended surgery (such as spaying, neutering, and dental cleaning), review important grooming procedures (such as nail trims for all exotic pets and wing trims for birds), discuss therapeutic beak trims for birds with injured or diseased beaks, talk about the interaction of your new pet with other pets in your home, and discuss your new pet’s health requirements for boarding at the Veterinary Center, should you decide to let your pet stay with us while you are away.

Our veterinarians will generate detailed treatment plans, including costs, for any tests or procedures they recommend, that they ask owners to approve before any treatments are performed. They will work within your means to provide the best medical care possible for your bird or other exotic pet. Our goal at your new pet exam is to teach you as much as we can about your pet so that he or she stays healthy and you both are happy. Call us at (914) 864-1414 to request an appointment today.