Exotic Pet Microchipping in Westchester County, NY

Do you travel with your bird or other exotic pet? Do you take him or her outside?
If so, the Veterinary Center would recommend microchipping your pet.

A microchip is a tiny computer chip with an identification number programmed into it, and the chip is enclosed within an inert material that is safe for your pet. After your bird or exotic pet is briefly sedated, our veterinarians simply inject the microchip (small enough to fit inside a needle) under your exotic pet’s skin, where it will remain for your pet’s life. This chip provides permanent identification that cannot be lost, altered, or intentionally removed.

The microchip is a safe and simple way to protect your pet against loss or theft. According to the microchip manufacturers, there is virtually no chance of your pet’s body developing an allergy or trying to reject the microchip after it is properly injected. If your pet is lost and ends up in an animal shelter, the shelter can use a microchip reader, universally available at nearly all animal shelters, to check animals for the presence of microchips.

When a shelter finds a pet with a microchip, they will call the microchip manufacturer to see if the pet’s chip is registered. If it is, the shelter will be given the owner’s name to contact. If the pet’s chip is not registered, the shelter will be given the name of the veterinarian who injected the microchip, so that the veterinarian can provide the owner’s contact information. Through this global computerized tracking system, vets and shelters can reunite your lost or missing bird or exotic pet directly with you. Microchipping is fast, safe, and a great way to help ensure you will never permanently lose your precious pet.

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exotic pet microchip in westchester county, ny
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Travel Certificates

If you travel out of state or out of the country with your bird or other exotic pet, your pet may need a health certificate for domestic or international travel. The Veterinary Center’s veterinarians are federally accredited and will provide these travel certificates to you after they examine your bird or other exotic animal and find it healthy. You should contact your airline and the U.S. consulate at your travel destination to find out what documents you will need to travel with your pet, and we will help you fill out the required paperwork, so that you can enjoy your trip.

Health Certificates

As long as all the requirements for quarantine and health testing (which are specific to each geographic location of travel) are deemed acceptable by our USDA accredited veterinarian, the Veterinary Center can provide a signed health certificate. Please note, it is not our veterinary staff’s responsibility to research, gather, or print forms for travel. The pet owner must provide all documentation for travel at the time of the pet’s examination at the Veterinary Center and must be sure to leave the appropriate time interval before travel/relocation to satisfy all USDA quarantine and testing requirements. Pet owners should NOT expect to obtain the signed health certificate at the time their pets are examined, as it can take days to weeks to meet quarantine requirements and to receive necessary test results back. Please also note that many geographic locations require strict quarantine of pets both before and after travel; the Veterinary Center is equipped with the appropriate isolation/quarantine facilities to meet these needs.