Our Veterinary Support Staff

Nina holding rabbit in Bedford Hills, NY


Head LVT- Hospital Manager

Nina graduated from SUNY Ulster with a degree in Veterinary Technology in 2017 and joined our team shortly after. Since starting here, Nina has become our head clinical technician, ensuring the entire staff stays up to date with the latest in exotic pet medicine. She prides herself on excellent client communication, making sure each pet owner understands the specific care their exotic pet needs. Nina is always looking to learn more; whether it's information to pass on to our pet parents or to advance her medical care. She comes into work every day hoping to make each pet's experience at the Veterinary Center as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Kenia 3



After a career change from working as a college professor, Kenia graduated with Honors from Mercy College with a BS in Veterinary Technology. She has worked at several animal hospitals in the New York area and came to the Veterinary Center with experience in both emergency/critical care and general practice, working with cats, dogs, farm animals, urban wildlife, and exotic pets. Kenia enjoys working with all species and being able to provide the same high quality of care to all. Outside of work, Kenia is still surrounded by animals; she has been involved in animal rescue and advocacy for many years and is a NY state licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Her companion animals include a dog, 4 cats, a 3-legged rabbit, and a bearded dragon; they all share their home with Kenia’s husband, an ever-changing array of foster animals, and a flock of outdoor rescued pigeons.

Ashley Lvt 2 (1)



Originally from Tennessee, Ashley is a licensed veterinary technician with six years of experience working with a variety of animals. She is pursuing veterinary technician specialization in nutrition to help pets live healthier lives. When not educating pet owners about how to better care for their beloved animals, Ashley can be found reading, traveling, and spending time with her four cats and (human) significant other.


Christina 1


Veterinary Assistant

Originally from Patterson, NY, Christina has been around and loved animals of all kinds for as long as she could remember, and she most likely will be the first voice you’ll hear when calling the Veterinary Center! She received her Bachelors Degree in Biology at Hartwick college; however, most of the courses she took there were animal-related. After graduating, Christina found her way to the Veterinary Center, where she realized becoming a veterinary technician was her calling. Currently, she is enrolled in the Penn Foster College Veterinary Technician Program. A reptile enthusiast, she has 2 bearded dragons, 2 leopard geckos, 2 western hognose snakes, and 2 poison dart frogs. As she always says, if she could have every animal that came into Center, she would!

Lisa 1



Born in Somers, NY, Lisa has an AAS in communication and media arts and has always been an animal lover. She has spent most of her working career working at veterinary offices. Not only does she surround herself during the day with her furry or feathered friends, but also, she has had many animals of her own at home. At one time, she had 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 6 chickens. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art including taking photos (especially portraits of animals), drawing, and her newest hobby, puppet making.

Victoria Stephenson 1


Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Middleboro, Massachusetts, Victoria joined our team after graduating from Roger Williams University and receiving a bachelor's degree in Marine Biology. While Victoria loves all exotic pets, she has a special interest in birds. As head of our boarding ward, she makes sure all animals are wonderfully cared for while at their home away from home. In her free time, Victoria enjoys spending time at home, playing video games, and caring for her bird, bearded dragon, and guinea pig - all rescues!

Victoria 1


Veterinary Assistant

A Westchester County native, Victoria has loved and been around animals her entire life. Growing up, she was an avid horseback rider, and she has extensive experience caring for dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, and guinea pigs. One of her favorite activities is hiking with her dogs. She treats each patient with wonder and care, as she does our resident Goffin's cockatoo, Quinn, who adores her. Every day, she’s over the moon to be a part of our Veterinary Center team and to be able serve so many different creatures.