Bird & Exotic Animal Grooming in Westchester County, NY

Everyone needs personal grooming – especially our birds and exotic pets! At the Veterinary Center, in conjunction with a physical examination, we offer basic exotic pet grooming services such as nail trimming for all species, wing trimming for birds, and beak trimming for turtles and tortoises. We also provide therapeutic beak trimming for birds that have suffered injury or damage to their beaks.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to groom your birds and other exotic pets at home and how often grooming needs to be done. Consequently, after you have brought your bird or other exotic pet in for a full annual visit, we offer unlimited repeated grooming visits until the next annual exam at nearly two thirds off the price of the full visit.

In our effort to truly be the best pet groomer of birds and exotic pets, our grooming visits are more extensive than any you’ll see elsewhere. At each grooming visit, your pet still gets a complete examination from one of our vets, and you also get the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your pet with our vets. Most importantly, we use the safest, sterilized equipment to groom your pets right in front of you, so your pet is not exposed to germs from other patients and will be more comfortable with you right there.

At the Veterinary Center, we treat all geriatric exotic pets gently and with the extra care they often require.

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