Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

There is no better reward than the responses we receive from our clients. We are always so grateful to hear their words, and we’d love to share some of these incredible notes with you. To all of our wonderful clients – thank you so much for your continued trust in our care!

Our Testimonials

By far the best vet care I’ve ever received! The doctor was so good with my rat. When he got sick again while I was away at college and needed more medication, they went above and beyond by overnighting me the meds. So thankful that my baby is going to be comfortable for his last few weeks!

Sarah B

They are knowledgeable, gentle, and compassionate with our animal friends, and us as well! We’ve had some pretty wild issues with one of our cockatiels and with our guinea pig and they knew exactly what to do. They are really up to date on issues and remedies, and we learn a lot every time we go there! Dr. Hess has assembled an amazing staff and the office feels open and friendly.

David D

Had a very pleasant experience today despite the circumstances of my pet being ill. Thank you for taking care of my chinchilla, Mr. Chew.

Andrea Repko

Grampa (bunny) and I had a very positive experience at the Veterinary Center today. Dr. Hess came highly recommended, so we decided to make the 3 hour road trip. It was highly worthwhile. We were warmly welcomed by all staff, and I was allowed to be with Gramps throughout his entire exam, including blood work, (except, of course, for his x-rays.) This was very important to both me and Grampa. All procedures were carefully and thoroughly explained to us during our extensive visit. I highly recommend Dr. Hess and her team of very compassionate and skilled staff.

Meg Brown

We had our guinea pig, Cinnamon’s, first doctor’s appointment ever. She loves Dr Hess and received a clean bill of health. The staff and doctor were excellent in explaining everything and were so gentle with Cinnamon. Thanks, guys, for making our first experience a great one.

The Williams Family

Our very first visit with Dr. Hess and her staff was just so enjoyable! Cooper, my 6-month-old blue and gold Macaw, needed to have a “well check,” and although I was concerned, my girl Cooper was put at ease, and needless to say, so was I. She was handled with the utmost care from the second we walked through the door until l we left with new toy in beak! The staff called me to let me know of her tests and then called to make sure we were doing AOK and to call with any concerns. Cooper loves her new toy and soon will be getting some mini bird muffins!! Hope my husband can stay out of them! Thanks again to all of you for restoring my faith in what it means to really love taking care of birds and exotics.

Terri Fountain

Thanks to Dr. Hess and everyone at the Veterinary Center, Emerald is doing well and LOVING the pellets and muffins!! We are so grateful to have our wonderful green baby bird healthy and happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kaitlyn Zafonte

Thank you, Dr. Hess, and the rest of the VCBE staff for taking care of our bearded dragon Yoshi…you do excellent work.

Syd Schwartz

To Dr. Hess, Peggy and everyone at the Vet Center, have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for taking such good care of my lovebirds this past year, especially Shamrock. We love you!

Debbie Conrad

On behalf of Kristen and myself, we would like to send our thanks to Dr. Hess and her amazing staff for all the help and comfort during our ferret Bambie’s last days. You all made the very difficult time much easier to handle. Thanks for everything.

Chris Gruber

Some time ago our parakeet, which was found on the bumper of our car down county five years ago and who entertains us by singing and playing frequently throughout the day, had virtually ceased in his performances. While we thought this was a naturally occurring decline, we commend ourselves for the immediate proactive measure of bringing him in to you for your analysis. In doing so, we cannot thank you enough for an accurate diagnosis and remedy for cure. With time and a healthier diet, our house once again echoes the chirps and songs that we had become so familiar with. It pays to deal with professionals, and in doing so, you and the employees at your hospital epitomize the very best in your profession! With the sincerest of thanks.

Quentin, Janet and “Sunny” Bishop

Dr. Hess and her staff are unbelievably professional, caring, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, not to mention knowledgeable! I congratulate and thank each and every single one of them for their professionalism and compassion… second to none!

Kathy Cambriello

I just want to thank Dr. Hess for taking the time the other night to help us with our rabbit. He became very ill late at night, and after about 12 phone calls, we couldn’t find a veterinary office that could help us after hours in Connecticut. Even the emergency rooms that worked on exotic animals didn’t have their rabbit doctors in that night. For a small consultation fee, Dr. Hess took the time to speak to me and tell us what to do. As a result, our rabbit is back to his old self again, happy and hopping around the house. If it weren’t for Dr. Hess, I think we could have lost him by the next day. Thanks, Dr. Hess, for helping when no one else would.

Cathy Leite