Are You a Pet Person?

In general, I think it is fair to say that there are two camps of people when it comes to animals – those who are true “pet people,” and those who are not. What is a “pet person”? While pet people may be described in many ways, here are a few essentials:

A “pet person” is:
– Someone who realizes they’re out of pet food at 11:45pm and rushes out in a torrential rain storm to the nearest 24 hour pet store
– Someone who sees their pet eat its own poop and still kisses it on the head
– Someone who regularly takes antihistamines and an inhaler just so that they can have their pet in their room at night
– Someone who doesn’t notice that the new, crisp black suit they’re wearing is covered in fur or feather dust
– Someone who plans their vacation around the pet sitter’s schedule
– Someone who foregoes their vacation because their pet got sick
– Someone who, on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, steps in vomit and still hugs their pet in the morning
– Someone whose pet has its own Facebook page
– Someone who shows you photos of their pet before they show you photos of their kids
– Someone who refers to themselves as “Fill in pet name” ‘s mom or dad, rather than using their own name
– Someone who calls home to check on the kids but asks how “Fill in pet name” is first
– Someone who has a pet-cam so that they can watch little “Fill in pet name” all day
– Someone who includes their pet’s name in their answering machine message
– Someone who is willing to spend an hour in the pet store picking out an expensive toy, only to have it chewed up in under 3 minutes
– Someone who is willing to drive 2 days in a rental car because the airline won’t fly their pet
– Someone who spends the extra $30 a week to purchase all-organic produce because nothing is too good for “Fill in pet’s name”
– Someone who no longer notices the loud screeching emanating from their pet’s cage that is deafening to everyone else
– Someone who has owns at least 2 Dustbusters to pick up that never ending pet mess
– Someone who leaves messages on their own answering machine when they are out of town, just so their pets can hear their voice
– Someone who drives over 2 hours to see the only veterinarian they’ll trust with their precious pet…

That’s what separates a “pet person” from the rest.

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