Have a Noisy Bird at Dawn and Dusk?

In the wild, most birds forage for food in the early morning when the sun rises and again in the early evening when the sun sets. During these times, they often communicate loudly about where to find food.

Since most bird owners feed their parrots in the morning and in the evening, pet birds are likely communicating with their “flock-mate” owners about feeding as well. This behavior, while socially unacceptable to most people, is generally completely normal in the bird world.

If this behavior becomes a problem for an owner (if, for example, an owner lives in an apartment with intolerant neighbors or has small children who are sleeping during feeding time), the behavior may be modified by positively reinforcing the bird’s performing quiet activities.

Birds Like Rewards and Treats

Reward quiet behavior — eating, playing with toys, quiet chattering — with verbal praise, a head scratch or some favored food treat. This will teach your bird that good things come without screeching. For more information on how to treat your bird feel free to make an appointment with our Veterinary Center for Bird and Exotics: 914.864.1414



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