My Experience As A NY Bird Doctor

Does Your Bird Need to See a Bird Doctor?

When I’m out in the streets of NY, I frequently get asked, why does your bird need to see a bird doctor? The answer is simple: your bird needs to see an educated bird vet annually for a thorough check-up to try prevent illness. You, like your bird, need annual check-ups. Although some birds can talk, they can’t call or make an appointment to see a bird doctor.

Seeing a Bird Vet

Finding a Great Bird Doctor in NY?

A great bird vet not only will perform a complete physical exam, but also will teach you specifically what your bird needs to eat to stay healthy.  Your avian vet should help you review your cage setup to help ensure that you’re providing an appropriate environment, help you understand normal versus abnormal behavior so that you’ll know when to be concerned, and teach you about common diseases, so that you’ll know what signs to look for before these conditions progress. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start off the spring right, and call your bird vet today! 914.864.1414

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About Veterinary Centers for Birds and Exotics

If you have been looking for specialized care for your bird or exotic pet, look no further! We have you covered. At our unique animal hospital, we provide care to birds and exotics ONLY—no cats and dogs! We are the only bird and exotic veterinary hospital with a full-time, board certified bird specialist, Dr. Laurie Hess. Dr. Hess, who, with her two associates, Dr. Amanda Marino and Dr. Amanda Dewey, are the only full-time veterinarians in Westchester County who are residency-trained in bird and exotic medicine and surgery. Call to schedule an appointment for your pet!