Traveling With Your Exotic Pet

Planning Your Travel with Your Exotic Pet


Are you planning to travel with your exotic pet this summer? If so, plan ahead! If you are taking your bird or other exotic pet on a plane this summer, you will need a health certificate to do so.


Getting A Health Certificate to Travel with Your Exotic Pet or Bird

To get a health certificate for your exotic pet or bird, your pet will need to have a check-up. Different airlines have different requirements, so you will need to check with your carrier to find out specifically what you’ll need to bring your pet on board. Also, airlines generally require that the health certificate be within a certain number of days of travel, so make sure you schedule your pet’s check-up accordingly, as a veterinarian can only legally date the health certificate on the day the pet was examined. Plus, if you’re taking your animal out of the country, you will need an international health certificate, and you will need to check with the consulate of the country to which you are travelling to see if they have any additional requirements for bringing a bird or other exotic pet across their borders.

International Traveling with your Exotic Pet or Bird

Some countries mandate some very specific testing, and often, avian and exotic veterinary hospitals have to order special test kits to perform these tests. So, make sure you leave enough time to allow your veterinarian to get what you will need. Finally, be sure your vet is accredited to write health certificates for international travel; not all vets are. Dr. Hess is accredited, so the Veterinary Center is able to write certificates for foreign travel. Just plan ahead, so you don’t get stuck having to leave your pet behind. Happy travels!

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