Why does my exotic pet need regular veterinary check-ups?

Has this happened to you? You go along your daily routine for a long time feeling perfectly fine and then all of a sudden – you don’t feel so well. You wait a few days, hoping you’ll feel better. Pretty soon, you’re feeling even worse. Now you have to go to the doctor, because nothing you do at home helps. Now it’s a big deal; maybe you’re a little frightened – you haven’t been to the doctor for quite a while. What if it’s something really serious? At the end of the day, you realize that this could all have been avoided if you had scheduled that annual physical exam you kept putting off because you felt so well for so long.

Now, think about your exotic pet. How long has it been since he/she has been to the vet? Has he/she been eating the right diet? Is his/her home appropriate for him/her? Are you using the correct bedding? Does he/she have enough stimulation to keep him/her happy and occupied? Or has he/she been slowing down, pacing in his cage, or even worse, not as responsive as you remember?

It may seem that these helpless creatures get sick very quickly, but general husbandry and day- to-day care play a large part in the quality of their health. Unlike dogs and cats who adapt to our homes, our exotic pets require that we create an appropriate environment for them to live in, provide an appropriate diet for them to eat, and offer them enough stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. What an awesome responsibility! That’s where your exotic animal veterinarian can help.

Your vet can address any concerns that you may have regarding your pet’s diet, husbandry, and overall health of your exotic pet. Your vet can answer any questions that have come up, discuss any changes you have noticed in your pet’s behavior or eating habits, and in general, be a valuable source of information regarding your pet’s physical and mental well-being.

So, don’t wait until you need an exotic animal veterinarian on an emergency basis. Establish a relationship with one when you first get your exotic pet, and help ensure your pet’s health and happiness with an annual veterinary check-up. And while you’re at it, make that appointment for yourself, too. You’ll both be better off for it.

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