Exotic Pet Wellness Exams Should Occur Annually

If you are an Exotic Pet owner in NY an annual check-up is an essential part of trying to prevent illness from occurring. Just like cats and dogs (and even people), birds and exotic pets should have yearly examinations to try to keep them healthy and to catch any signs of illness early, when treatment is still possible. For some very short-lived exotic pets, such as rats and small birds, check-ups should occur twice a year, as they should for middle-aged ferrets (after age 3-4), older rabbits and guinea pigs (after age 4- 5), and teenage and older  middle- and larger sized-birds. These animals all tend to develop common medical conditions as they age, which, if caught early, may be very treatable. Our medical records indicate that we haven’t checked out your special exotic pet in more than a year. So, what are you waiting for?

Call the  Veterinary Center  for Birds and Exotic Pets today at (914) 864-1414, and schedule a wellness visit to keep your pet healthy for as long as possible.

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About Veterinary Centers for Birds and Exotics

If you have been looking for specialized care for your bird or exotic pet, look no further! We have you covered. At our unique animal hospital, we provide care to birds and exotics ONLY—no cats and dogs! We are the only bird and exotic veterinary hospital with a full-time, board certified bird specialist, Dr. Laurie Hess. Dr. Hess, who, with her two associates, Dr. Amanda Marino and Dr. Amanda Dewey, are the only full-time veterinarians in Westchester County who are residency-trained in bird and exotic medicine and surgery. Call to schedule an appointment for your pet!