Peanut – Ferret Extraordinaire by Angela Cerone, Receptionist



Hi. My name is Peanut.  I am a 5 year old ferret and my mom is the best!

I was rescued by my mom’s friend, but her friend got sick and couldn’t take care of me or my sister, Pooka  It’s a good thing he knows my mom loves ferrets, even if we do bite her.  Guess what I did?  I bit her right in the nose my 2nd day at her house! It  bled a lot, but she didn’t punish me.  Isn’t that great?  Mom stayed calm and even gave me kisses afterward.  I have learned not to bite her, now.  I have learned a lot of other things in the past few years, too, like how to come when mommy whistles and to potty on the paper when I am out and in my litter pan when I am in.

My mom has given me many nice things, like my beautiful house with my fluffy towels, a soft hammock, and the coolest tube ever (it goes outside my house and high in the sky) and although it’s very noisy, mom doesn’t mind.

When I came to live with my mom, she said I had to go to the doctor right away.  I have adrenal disease, but Mommy takes me to the doctor once a month, and the doctor says I am doing very well.

So, let’s get to the good stuff.  I have 2 sisters. One is older and her name is Willie.  The other one I can’t play with anymore is named Pooka.  Mom said not to bite her on the neck and drag her under the bed anymore, and that she is not a toy.  I am supposed to be nice to her, but I am not!!!  That’s ok, because I have Mommy and so many toys to play with that I don’t need her, anyway.

I really like the stairs on the bottom of the bed, so I can climb up on the bed and run under the covers and sneak up on Mommy, climb up her back, and look as I get tangled in her hair (hee hee).  Mommy loves that – not really.

Mommy says I am spoiled.  You know what?  She is right!  Just ask her, and get your glasses out.  She will show you lots and lots of pictures on me of her phone.  By the way, I can’t bite the phone anymore, either, because when I do, Mommy gets really red.  I think she also then forgets how to talk, because she makes strange noises (hee hee).  I am such a troublemaker!

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